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Wardsboro, VT
United States

Heart Grown Wild is a Vermont based locally sourced, organic, wild-harvested, natural skincare company which strives to provide safe, chemical free, low essential oil skin, hair and body care products to our customers. Heart Grown Wild brings the beauty of the natural world into your skin.

Vibrant Energy Face Mask


Natural. Handcrafted. Herbal. Skincare. Bringing the beauty of the outside world, into your skin.

Vibrant Energy Face Mask


Vibrant Energy Face Mask

from 18.00

Restore vibrant energy to your skin... Formulated with green plant based ingredients, including Green Tea, and Spirulina this mask is nourishing and replenishing. A hint of Peppermint gives this mask a stimulating effect in addition to major skin benefits. Peppermint assists with reviving dull oily skin and aids in clearing acne prone skin types. Spirulina, which is rich in nutrients- aids in elimination of dark circles, improves fine lines and wrinkle and restores a rosy glow overall to your skin. 

Ingredients: French Green Clay, Dandelio, Spirulina, Peppermint, Green Tea

To use: Scoop out mask and gently add equal parts liquid to mask. Slowly adding the liquid, blend the mask into a creamy paste. Liquid can include purified/spring water, toner, or steam infusion. Apply to wet skin in gentle circular motions. Allow to dry for 5-20 minutes. Remove with a warm washcloth and follow up with toner and serum.

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